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Holly's Apiaries & The Oakland Beekeepers'Club
24 hour mite drop Mite away II Quick Strips (TM) (organic)
This is a section about 6 inch square.
If you only killed  10 % with powder sugar or even 20%
do you think this hive will make it ?
I can tell you they will not. I have been dealing with mites since 1985.
All 24 hives in this yard had same amount on porch this year and last.

(C)copyright 2006-2016 all rights reserved Dennis Holly
Summer 2013
Got bees in your hive?
Photos by Dennis Holly (C)
2012-Field penny cress taking over fields from star thistle
Photos by Dennis Holly
Photos by: Dennis Holly (c)
Wooten's Golden Queens
(c) copyright Dennis Holly
We Need Natural Pollinators. ! However I Would Like to See You Get 20,000  in One Box.
Then Get 10 boxes In Row
When You Need Them! My super hives for honey have 150,000 bees.
To replace one of my super hives you would need,
100 bumble bee hives. ( 150 individuals)
My one yard, 10 hives on 110 acre farm you would need, 1000 bumble bee hives.  At $ 250. Ea.
Natural Pollinators
They have A symbiotic relationship With The Flowers
We lose them, We lose
All The Natural wildflowers in the United States.
Quit Using Pesticides, Herbicides  (etc.) !
Plant: Yellow and White sweet clover, Buckwheat, wildflowers, herbs
We now have dead spots in Michigan with no or very little
Natural pollinators left and not enough honey bees to replace
them with. That means
 0% food production For those farmers.
I have got calls from farmers 2014-15
said all there flowers died and fell off plants
Bordelon Apiaries MH. Queens
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