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Successfully keeping bees and producing honey for 39 years
From five counties and 300 hives don't miss the honey flow
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Wisconsin Honey Producers Association
American Apitherapy Society
Skyscraperbeekeeping.com & Apiculture
We Feed and Treat
We Do Not let Our Bees
Suffer and Die!
April - 2017 is our 14 year Anniversary
13 Years ago we took Alex bzenko's last apiaries. Hives were all dead but 4.
We rebuilt using what I call
skyscraper beekeeping (I.P.D.M.)
The yards are alive and producing honey 13 years later
Along with one of the last Dan Guthrie honey yards
Alex and Dan had nearly 1000 hives that wintered here and produced honey
12% loss for 12years  and honey average up to 230lbs i
The Cure for CCD.  No one Running Program in our Club
lost more than 20%. Most lost 0% in the Michigan Winter of 2014. 32 below!
5-3-17  Club loss is 3 out of 8

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We Are Back With the Observation Hive Program and more!
At the Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center In Troy Michigan
Run by Troy Nature Society www.troynaturesociety.org
Please Help support them by Visiting Center.
6685 Coolidge Hwy. Troy Mi , 48098
Tue- Wed -Thur:  9am- 3pm
Saturday :10am-pm
Wear your Gloves!!
When entering hives
Look real close !
click on picture 2X
Wooten's Golden Queens
Wooten's Queens
240 lb average
we pulled 3 times
count the boxes
Pages  from book
Alive and well 9-1-17
Building Skyscrapers!
Wooten's Golden and Bordelon' (M.H.) Queens
Natural Pollinators Pictorial Go To    :    Photo Album !
9-1- 2017   Update Please go To :    Weekly Report
Coming soon, report on farm were we have been testing
Honey plants last four years  what to plant and were!
Produced over 400 lbs in one hive, one Queen, 230 lbs average.
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Say Yes to Bee Husbandry
Say NO to Animal Cruelty!
Honey bee
We are getting lot of calls from
people that think these are
honey bees they are not!
Mites & crinkle wing virus
will crash your core- CCD
they will kill
ALL your nurse bees
This is still the biggest problem
Formic acid kills them dead!
And is organic
Buckwheat ,aslike,crimson
yellow & white sweet clover !
Feeds your bees and pollinators
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Do not forget about our friends
nosema C & A
Proud to bee a Seed Packet Partner
Bayer we are listed on there big map