From the Field with Dennis Holly
Queens coming 4-29-2016
Bordelon Apiaries
Minnesota Hygienic Queens
In program 7 years -AAA rated
winter great and make lots of Honey
hives average 200  lbs and can make
as much 320 lbs
They winter like Russians and make
honey like the best!
Easy to run less than 10% winter losses*
Queens arrive 4-29- 16 !
We have been using package bees
with same queens for 6 winters!

(C)copyright 2006-2017 all rights reserved Dennis Holly

Big mite build up this year and with 28- below 10 days
The mites show there damage.
We are not leaving the mite away strips on long enough and
not following up with thyme oil
Strips should be on 21 days starting with August 15
Change first  strip after 10 days
and install second new strip.

Follow up  after  14 days with thyme oil till November.
Treat again in late April or early may for over winter colony's.

Big losses in most yards in Michigan this year.
Seems to come about every 5 -6 years
the beekeepers had a poor honey flow in summer, so they ran
for goldenrod instead of treating for mites in August.
The treatment (formic ) was not working right.
We fixed that above.!
We used cheap bees and Queens
We did not feed bees.
We had 28 below for 10 days
Bees south of M59 did better , not  so cold.
Most of the people that I talked to lost 80-to 100%
Queen # 1
Queen # 2
(C )all Photos by Dennis Holly
Look Real Close When Looking for Queen cells
Same Hive 2 Queens and 3 Queen cells!.
Nosema in queen yard first year.  May not Make it.
This why you proof queens to see who makes it
through the winter. Funny thing if this hive makes it
they will no longer get this disease.
We then put in main Yards and run for Honey.
So far 4 out of 25 About Average with treatments.
Lost Three to mites, one Nosema so far
Out of 25 in Queen yard . 1-23-14
none in  5 out yards so far long way to go!
Wooten's Golden Queens,inc
We have been using these queens for 8 winters
YARDS RIGHT! Same below
We recommend that you have very good
swarm skills! They get real big and eat lots
of honey.  But they average in good year
240 lbs. And can make as much 420lbs.
12 -18  med boxes of honey
Have used in apiary since 2006
530-549-3555  888-565-8439
Remember we take our Best over wintered, proofed hives and then Re queen
and make new nucs for next year. We use the Best Queens From breeders
that have been Breeding Queens over 30 years, from  Drone yards that took
them 10-15 years to develop  working with the Best Scientists and
Universities  to get the Genetics in the bees.
This is why our losses are so little for 10 years.!
Coming April 2016!
Page from book
7-28-2015 think they need more room
These are last years Queens
pictures were taken 1-26-2015  
to 1-31-2015
Bordelon M.H.
Mites that I knocked off swarm that we picked up  7- 8 -15
Do not put swarms in your main yards without treatment !
Mite drop 9-14-2015  24 hrs. Formic acid .
We have been using California
package bees 14 years
less than 10% losses with
*( average loss over 10 years running 150