Dennis Holly
Master Honey Producer  and Apiculturist
Successfully Keeping bees and producing honey
For 39 years.
Last of a long line of honey producers.

District rep for MBA for 8 years
Vice president SEMBA  8 years
Bill Sirr
Master beekeeper  50 years!
President twice for
Michigan Beekeepers Association
With Silver Skep Award
Oakland Beekeepers' Club

E. L. Johnson Nature Center
3325 Franklin Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Phone: 1-248-542-1316

(C)copyright 2006-2017 all rights reserved Dennis Holly

List  of accomplishments:

  • Sponsored House Bill No. 6657 With Andy Meisner
  • HB - 6657 passed December 4, 2008 With 100% yes Vote
  • Sponsored House Bill NO .5843 With Vicki Barnett
  • Passed !00% yes vote House and Senate With the Help Of All  Democrats and Mike Bishop and
    all of the Republicans.
  • Signed into Law August 4, 2010- Honey Maple Syrup Bill
  • Requested and received inclusion of City beekeepers in GAAMPS
  • (Generally Accepted Agricultural And Management Practices For The Care of Farm Animals).
  • First to Request Section 18 for Mite Away II Quick Strip Formic Acid
  • First Teaching Sustainable Beekeeping on Farms and testing Honey plants.!
  • First in state 1-2-2014- talking about mites and crinkle wing virus and by 2-2-2016-we have been
    managing and treating successfully 3 yrs
  • first in Oakland county to address pollinator problem on farms 1-3-17